Memorization Aggravation

I know I am not the only person who struggles to memorize things. In grade school it was like torture. Not only did I not care about the silly things I was supposed to memorize (ya know, math times tables, how to spell and historical dates and names) but actually making them stick in my mind longer than 2 minutes was next to impossible.

Skip forward to the present. There is actually something I want to memorize, but have struggled with for 2 years. Scripture. I long to have God’s Word stored away in my heart for the Holy Spirit to recall in times of need. Despite my sincere desire to hide away these treasures in my heart, for 2 whole years I have proven my past track record of memorization to still be true. I started to think it just couldn’t be done.

When I first got married, my sweet husband gave me a scripture memory pack complete with a nifty little carrying case to hold the verses you are currently memorizing/reviewing. I dutifully have kept this in my purse. But I never remember to look at it. I memorized a couple of verses, but then forgot to review them. So, like the math times tables and historical dates and names, they slowly (and sometimes rapidly) slipped away from my memory.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was reading in Ezekiel and a verse really stood out to me. Ezekiel 17:24 says,

Wow! God is Lord – He can do anything including exalting low trees and drying up green trees! Making a dry tree flourish is not beyond Him! That dry tree could be a “dry” spiritual life, a “dry” physical ailment or a “dry” womb. God can make them all flourish! And God will perform what He has spoken. He is faithful.

When I read these words, I thought “I need to have these words stored up in my heart!” But with my 0-10 score for memorization, I knew it would not be easy.

(Here comes the good part of the post, if you have stuck with me all the way to here, thanks!)

I knew I would need God’s help so I immediately began praying. Without His help, I knew there would be no way to memorize this verse. But I asked that He would help me to store away this verse so that He could remind me of it in my time of need. And guess what? God is faithful. I have had this verse memorized for 2 weeks! And I have memorized 4-5 others (Okay, some of them were re-memorized as I had previously worked on them…) and God has been gracious to give me ample time (and reminders) to review them, too! Every time I work on my scripture memory I begin by praising and thanking God for His help.
Moral of the story? I can’t do anything on my own. But with God, all things are possible. Even memorization. Goodbye Memorization Aggravation.



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