Jesus’ advice for worriers

Do you ever worry about anything?

I sure try not to use the word “worry” anymore, but switch it out with “concerned about” or something similar. But I think it is the same in my heart – my mouth may say concern, but my heart still says worry šŸ˜¦

Well, in my Bible reading today, I was readingĀ  in John chapter 14 and stumbled across some wonderful advice from non other than Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He lays out some wonderful counsel to His disciples for not worrying. He had just given them grave news that He was going away and they could not go with Him. They were awfully confused. They couldn’t understand what He meant, but were very distressed over it. So Jesus tells them,

John 14.1

My study Bible says that although the disciples had just been given disturbing news, Jesus had an antidote for a disturbed heart – to trust in God and trust in Christ.

We don’t know what next year looks like, tomorrow looks like, or even tonight looks like. But praise Jesus that the God we as Christian’s serve knows it all: past, present and future. We can guard our hearts from disturbing times around us by trusting in our God and Lord Jesus Christ.

What other bible verses have helped you overcome a worrisome or troubled heart? I would love to know so share in the comments below!

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