All Things are from The Lord

I recently had a biopsy of a mole to see if it was cancerous (still waiting on the results, so I don’t know yet!) which brought up some things that The Lord has already taught me and is apparently still teaching me (am I slow or what??).

A good friend asked me if I was worried about the results. To my surprise I wasn’t. I realized that although the doctor told me she only gets about one benign result a day, her odds didn’t really matter for me. My God doesn’t operate out of regular medical statistics.

That’s not to say it couldn’t still be cancer – it may well be. And if it is, that, too, will be part of God’s plan for me. His plan to sanctify me – make me holy. set apart. more like Christ.

Everything – EVERYthing – that comes to me, or doesn’t come, is from The Lord. I remembered after talking with my friend that I have on several accounts thanked God for things that may seem bizarre to others: my fibromyalgia, the abnormal tests that indicated I could have cervical cancer (those came back confirmed normal, PTL!), and a myriad of other small difficulties in life.

And now I will thank Him for this week I have before learning the results of my biopsy. This week of remembering I am helpless and lean solely on Him for everything. This week of remember that whatever He does or doesn’t give is a gift to me to sanctify me.

As Philippians 1:6 says,

Phil 1.6 - Amplified


What has The Lord been teaching you? How have you seen Him sanctifying you, making you look more like Christ? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “All Things are from The Lord

  1. He’s been sanctifying me through teaching me to be long-suffering and hopeful when I feel like giving up in despair, especially with regard to homeschooling. Not to say that I never have despairing days, but I trust that God is using these hard days to sanctify me, to make me beautiful in His sight!

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