I’m new to this….


Today is full of firsts:

1. First time to start a blog.

2. That’s all I got so far….

Okay, maybe there is only one first so far today, but this is a unique first!

My goal here at This is NOT our home is to share with other women what the Lord has been teaching me. This may come in many different forms.

Sometimes it may be what God is teaching me about who He is through His Word.

God’s Word teaching me who He is

Other times He may be teaching me how to be a better wife or how to serve my husband a meal he enjoys (emphasis on enjoys!).

Yummy chicken dinner!

It may even be how to express my creativity in a God honoring way.

One of my first projects, and my very first zipper!

Whatever form it takes, I believe it is important to share what God is teaching with other women. I pray that my words would only be edifying to those who read them and that by sharing what I learn here, I may have a way of remembering and reviewing God’s lessons to me.

Because He lives,



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